Introduction to pump

Introduction to pump

Pump is a machine used to transport liquid or charge pressure for liquid. It transports the mechanical energy of prime motor or other energy to liquid to increase the energy of liquid. A pump mainly transports such kinds of liquid as water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsification, suspension-emulsion as well as fluent metal and liquid-gas mixture, and nsuspended solid. The technical parameters of measuring pump performance include flow, suction lift, delivery lift and brake power, water horsepower and efficiency. According to different operating principles, pump can be divided into containment pump, paddle pump.  A containment pump uses the changes of the capacity of a workshop to transport energy while a paddle pump uses the interaction between rotating blade and water to transport energy. Besides, there are other types of pump, such as centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed-flow pump. According to control principles, centrifugal pump can be divided into AC pump, brush DC pump, brushless DC motor, isolated magnetic brushless DC pump and three-phase AC pump.

Solar pump inverter, otherwise known as PV pump, is the most appealing water supply for sunny areas, especially those remote and border areas where power is lacking or insufficient. It is easily accessible, endless, automatic, around-the-clock, and unattended, with minimal workload of maintenance. It is a kind of economical, reliable, and environment-friendly high-tech green energy system. Solar pumping system is an optical-electro-mechanical system that has shaped over the past few years. Taking advantage of the electric power emitted by solar cell, a solar pumping system drives direct current, permanent magnetism, brushless, sensorless, and double plastic motor stator and rotor or highly-effective asynchronous dynamo or high-speed switched reluctance motor by following the maximal power point as well as commutation and control equipment to create highly-effective pumping to lift water from the depth of the earth’s surface to the ground for irrigation or drinking. The design and the manufacturing of a solar pumping system need the support of modern technology, such as electricity, mechanics, electric power, electronics, computer and control. The solar pumping system provides an optimal approach to develop modern agriculture, save energy and protect environment. The system has long-term economical efficiency. In particular, compared to the pumping of common diesel engine, the pumping of this new system has overwhelming economical advantage. There is no doubt that the launch of such new environment-friendly, energy-saving product can significantly expedite the development of industry, economy, and especially the development of modern agriculture in arid areas, bringing massive and high economic efficiency and social efficiency. It is an embodiment of the strategy of building an energy-saving and environment-friendly society.

Solar pumping system comprises DC pumping and AC pumping. The driving modes of the DC pumping motor is made up of two major types, namely, brushless AC motor and PMSM( permanent magnetic simultaneous motor).



PV power supply seldom uses motion components and its operation is reliable.

Safe, noise-free, public –hazard-free

It will not produce any solid, liquid or gas or other harmful matter, and therefore it is absolutely environment-friendly.

It is characterized by easy installation, low operation cost, and unattended surveillance. Its high reliability is highly appreciated.


PV electric power generation can collaborate with other energies. Meanwhile, its capacity can be charged conveniently to meet specific demands.

Highly standardized

Series-parallel connection of components can meet different needs of power, so it is universally applicable.

Product properties: long life expectancy, low power consumption, low noise, parallel speed regulation, reliable operation and no interference.

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Chinese Landscape Painting- The History and Influence of such Chinese Art

Chinese Landscape Painting- The History and Influence of such Chinese Art

While there may be five famous subjects under the Chinese painting industry, the Shan Sui or Chinese Landscape Painting is probably the best and well-known among the entire subjects. The popularity of this specific Chinese art is not only limited to the local Chinese scene but it even spread out in the worldwide scale today. Known for being a natural lover of the environment, the Chinese people have high regards and appreciation of the majestic and stunning beauty of nature. Taking consideration of the geographical location of China, it is no doubt why past and present Chinese painters mostly choose the use of landscape images as the main subject for their painting masterpiece.

Under the Chinese history and arts textbooks, Chinese landscape painting has been regarded as one the highest form of Chinese art. During the Five Dynasty era and even in the early emergence of the Northern Song Dynasty, such particular painting style achieved its early peak of success. In the history of Chinese painting, this particular time span is famously known as the “Great age of Landscape Painting” and it has marveled the hearts of early Chinese rulers, traders and even other neighboring countries.

Even with advancement of technology and the massive modernization changes in China, present artists and painters still pay tribute not only to their surroundings but even in their art tradition by creating landscape paintings out from various traditional and modern styles of painting. Given this kind of information, it is now quite a bit clear why a number of artworks from this particular painting style are mostly present not only in the local markets of China but even in the international and online arts and painting markets today. Compiling these facts, anyone can safely presume that such particular Chinese painting is one of the undisputed and high quality products that Chinese art can offer to the world.

As of today, it is pretty normal to see a Chinese landscape painting shop in various streets of China and even in the streets of other nations that are near to such specific country. This is one of the greatest testaments of landscape painting and it is also one of the best ways for Chinese people to remember the importance and the given advantages of such painting style in the Chinese art and history.

With the above given information about the importance and high value of such particular painting style, it is already a customary thing to hear many people ordering their chosen Chinese landscape painting online. Whether it remains popular in the near future or not, it would still be hard for anyone to deny the beauty and elegance that a Chinese painting gives.

2013-12-03 Chinese Landscape Painting- The History and Influence of such Chinese Art


Why Are Dogs Considered As Man’s Best Friend?

Why Are Dogs Considered As Man’s Best Friend?

Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered as man’s best friend? Out of the many tamable and intelligent animals found in the world, isn’t it a bit of a wonder why dogs were given such title? In order to fully grasp an understanding on this particular topic, here are a few reasons that can justify why dogs are indeed a great companion to mankind.

The very first reason why canines are given the “man’s best friend” title is because they are one of those types of animals that are not only logically intelligent but socially knowledgeable and sensitive as well. Unlike cats, monkeys or birds, which are also intelligent creatures that can be suitable for being household pets, a dog’s intellectual and social prowess is way beyond any research or study could explain. It is as if it was meant for dogs to become close with their owners and stand by them when they are needed the most. In any given circumstances, dogs can quickly adapt to  any situations and compared to other animals, they usually have easier ways to get through such given circumstances. With this given fact, it is already quite clear why dogs are ideal creatures to become pet companions of man.

Apart from their intelligence, the physical abilities of dogs make another good reason why they deserve to be man’s suitable partner. These common home pets are very agile and flexible. They can run fast and they are always alert on many things. Combined with their given intelligence, dogs can become reliable home guards or body guards when they are needed to. This is also the reason why the military and other arm forces units usually pick dogs as their animal partners in such dangerous field. Aside from being home guards, canines can also become playing buddies for their owners. It is also a common natural feature for dogs to be playful and active. If such pet is trained in the right way, they can be very enjoyable to be with.

The appearance or outlook of dogs also brings an additional proof for its eligibility to become man’s greatest animal buddy. With the number of different breeds under the belt on such animal, anyone can find a dog that has a look fitting for their desires. There are dogs that are small, hairy and cute while there are others which look wilder and scary to deal with. Whatever shape, size or physical attributes a dog has, it cannot be denied that this animal is a thing of beauty.

Judging from the given reasons, it might really be suitable to call dogs as man’s ultimate best friend. With their physical, mental, and social characteristics, it is only fitting to have such animal at everyone’s side.

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Popular Small Pets That You Can Put In Your Home

Popular Small Pets That You Can Put In Your Home

Dogs and cats are not the only animals that can be called as home pets. In all honesty, there are a lot of living creatures that can be referred to such title. If you are interested to know what these animals are, then here a few examples of small yet cute and stress removing pets that you can place inside the different places of your home.

The guinea pig is one of the best examples of a small animal that has a high potential to become a home pet. If you think that this particular creature is only living in this world to become a test subject for laboratorial experiments, then you are totally wrong in such concept. A cavy, which is the other term for this small living thing, has 13 different species each with different physical attributes such as color, shape and size.  Its life expectancy is  around five to ten years and although it is generally considered as small, it is quite big in terms of weight since the normal guinea pig’s mass is leveling  three pounds. Having this fact being stated, you might be thinking that this small animal has a big knack for its appetite which can be costly for pet maintenance. Though it is true that they are big eaters, you do not need to worry about the food budgeting since this particular pet only eats commercial pellets or fresh vegetables.  Bringing aside its somatic features, cavies are known as passive or harmless creatures which tells that they are good and safe starting pets for small children. So if incase your kid is wanting to have a pet as a birthday present, you can safely find and purchase a guinea pig for them  to take care of.

If you have a thing for lizards, then choosing a gecko as your pet is a legitimate and understandable move. With a lifespan extending up to twenty years, you can be pretty sure that you have a long-living buddy along the way. Compared to guinea pigs, feeding geckos is not a factor that you should be having problems with since its normal food are worms and crickets which are normally considered as natural pests. Having this statement, it goes to show that raising geckos as a pet may also bring a slight benefit in the environment and in your health.

Rabbits are also ideal pets that you can have in your home. Known for being bouncy, cuddly and harmless, this particular creature can surely remove a lot of your stress from work or school. Generally known for being an herbivore, you won’t have any problems feeding such innocent creature.

Choosing any animal to be your pet is easy. But the weight of the responsibility that you are going to shoulder is quite heavy and hard. If you think that you have what it takes to become a good and responsible pet owner, then any animal that you think is manageable will be fitting to be a part of your family.

2014-01-07 Popular Small Pets That You Can Put In Your Home

Pest Control Methods That Might Bring Help To Your Pest Problems

Pest Control Methods That Might Bring Help To Your Pest Problems

Is your home being invaded by different types of home pests? If it is, then you should really need to shift your focus in controlling or exterminating such gruesome and territorial creatures in order to avoid further damages in your home and in your family. With this being put into perspective, here are a few pest control method that you can use to effectively eliminate such threat in your household.

The use of mechanical pest control is considered as one of the oldest pest control methods of all time. Being used by our ancestors from past centuries, this particular pest control scheme has been passed down from generations to generations in order to control the invasion and pestering of various creatures and animals.  Mechanical pest control usually highlights the use of various hands-on materials such as fences, barriers and traps in order to keep different kinds of pests at bay or capture them when they fall into the bait. Though it might not be as effective as other modern methods suggests, it is still hard not to caption the usefulness of this classic pest control method.

The cleaning of pest breeding grounds is also another hands-on method that you can do to minimize the pest population and infiltration in your home. Mostly used by professional pest controllers, this specific pest control routine needs a lot more care and body protection for its main objective is to find the source or breeding grounds of various pest. Though most creatures that are generalized as home pests are not that aggressive, there are still other species, such as rats, that attack human beings when being disturbed or threatened. So if you are pursuing this kind of pest control method, then be sure to have a protective gear for safety purposes.

The deployment of poison baits around the specific areas of your home may also be a good method for you to effectively exterminate the different pests lurking inside your own sanctuary. Since these baits look tempting in terms of physical appearance, home pests normally fall into such trap which makes it easier for you to trim down their number. If you do decide to use this kind pest control technique, then you should also be cautious and careful so that your family won’t be affected or victimized in such bait as well.

In reality, there are a lot of different ways to solve home pest problems. But the above given methods are already been proven as home-owner friendly and easy to use. If in case such means do not end up in your favor, then calling for a professional pest controller for help might be the best and right choice to make.

2014-01-07 Pest Control Methods That Might Bring Help To Your Pest Problems



Natural Remedies To Lessen Your Hair Loss

Natural Remedies To Lessen Your Hair Loss

Do you feel anxious every time you see your pillows filled with fallen hair due to hair loss problems? Though it has been said that such phenomenon is totally normal, it is still quite rattling to see that your crowning glory is slowly ticking away. With this being said, it is only normal that you find ways and remedies to slow down such unwanted action. While it is true that there are a lot of hair loss treatment products found in the market today, these advertised items still don’t guarantee success and it might have a bad effect in your body. Luckily, there are natural remedies that you can use to solve such dilemma. By rightly doing such steps, you can feel safe and secure that your hair is not excessively falling all over the place.

Natural hot oil treatment is one of the safest medications that you can use for your hair loss troubles. With the help of natural oils from coconuts, olives and canola, you can enrich your hair’s protein and make it sturdy in order to lessen or avoid such pestering hair problem. By making your very own hair moisturizer out from such natural oil, you can secure not only your hair’s improvement but your safety as well.

Making natural juices out from vegetables and applying it to your hair or scalp is also an effective and less costly hair loss treatment. Veggies such as onion, garlic and ginger contain different unique natural substances that can make your hair sturdy and strong. By patiently making such juice every day and applying it to your head before you go to sleep, you can surely see the good results after a few more tries.

The green tea that you usually brew and drink every day is also a natural remedy for hair loss. Since green tea is known for being an antioxidant, it can surely bring some good benefits for your hair and scalp. Normally, one of the common reasons why excessive hair falling happens is due to the large amount of oxidized chemicals out from dandruff removers, hair supplements and other hair enhancing products that you normally use. In order for your hair to be revived back to its healthy state, it is essential that such over existent chemicals be removed. You can do so by applying green tea in your scalp every day for at least one hour before you rinse out such substance. With the antioxidant element present on such specific tea, the said bad chemicals will eventually be removed which will make your hair healthy and shiny all over again.

Even with these given natural remedies, it is still important that you do your part in lessening the hair loss that you are experiencing. Dedication and hard work are also vital keys to keep your crowning glory intact and beautiful.

2014-01-07 Natural Remedies To Lessen Your Hair Loss

Healthy Ways To Add Weight

Healthy Ways To Add Weight

Are you being constantly teased by your friends as skinny or bony because you do not have the right body mass that most fit and healthy people have? Maybe it is time for you to add up some bulky muscles in your body and increase your body mass a bit in order for your friends to stop pestering you about your weight problem. In order for you to successfully achieve such feat, here are a few healthy ways to add some weight.

Eat, eat and eat are what you are going to do in order to effectively make yourself big, strong and heavy. Since improving your body mass is your main objective, it is only essential that you eat a lot in order for your body mass to go large and for your physique to go vast and wide. Unlike those people who are trying hard to cut off their body weight, you are obliged to eat three times a day as well as to have two regular snacks during the morning and afternoon. It might sound easy and relaxing to eat daily with such routine, but in reality it is not. Since you are aiming for a healthy body rather than adding some fat deposits, all the food that you are going to intake should be well and stable in terms of nutrition. Balanced carbs and protein ingestions should be monitored and taken seriously so that distribution of vitamins and nutrients to your muscles and other parts of your body is done in the right way.  Other than that, junk foods and other salted as well as sugar filled servings are strictly prohibited.  This means that ordering foods from fast food chains is not included in the menu for your weight adding program.

Apart from improving a balanced eating habit, proper exercise and frequent work out sessions should also be added in your daily activities. Work out gyms are not only limited for those who want to lose weight but they are also open for people, like you, who are planning to add some bulkiness factor into your physique. By constantly visiting the gym and doing some workout sessions that are specialized to strengthen your core, it will not take long for you to have a figure that is not only fit but envious in the eyes of many.

Taking food supplements also provides helpful assistance in terms of acquiring additional body mass. Since these enhancers will improve your appetite, you won’t have any problems in dealing the first given step which is all about eating. However, as useful as it may seem, you may still need to consult your dietician if you are planning to jump into this kind of buildup method. This is to secure your safety and also to monitor your supplement intake.

Like losing weight, adding some body mass also takes time, discipline, hard work and a whole of dedication in other to achieve a physical feature that is right and just. By obediently doing the above-mentioned ways to gain weight, you can be sure that those who are always teasing you before will be eventually admiring you in the end.

2014-01-07 Healthy Ways To Add Weight

Health Alert: Symptoms and Signs of Heart Attack

Health Alert: Symptoms and Signs of Heart Attack

In reality, heart attack has lived up to its name as “silent killer” since it can easily take anyone’s life without even showing any of its normal indications or symptoms. But even though such circumstances can abruptly take place, it is still better for everyone to learn the common signs of heart attacks in order to have awareness and preparedness on such health condition.

Experiencing chest pain or chest discomfort is one of the primary signs when experiencing a heart attack. Normally, the intensity level of such pain varies differently. It can have a mild effect in one point or it can be very excruciating at times which can lead to breathing problems. Once a known patient with heart disease starts to complain about some chest pain, it is better to keep him calm and swiftly call for a medical assistance just to ensure the safety of such patient.

Apart from chest pains, experiencing different kinds of discomfort in the upper part of the body may also be a sign that a heart attack is ready to happen. Under normal circumstances, a sudden pain in the jaw, back and neck of a person who has a history of heart disease can surprisingly have a heart attack if they continuously push their body to the limit. Once a person who has this particular health condition starts to experience this particular sign, it is best for him to take some rest in order to avoid a deadly heart attack.

Shortage of breath and frequent fatigue which normally signifiy physical exhaustion due to certain activities may also indicate an incoming heart attack. Under normal circumstances, being stressed out due to physical work is a very common thing to happen to anyone. However, if such feeling and loss of breath suddenly comes out while not doing anything, then it is a clear sign that there is something wrong inside the body. If this particular scenario occurs to you or any other person, then it is best to set up an appointment for a medical check-up in order to detect if such occurrence is due to a heart illness or is due to over fatigue.

Frequent indigestion, vomiting and nausea may also indicate that a particular person is having a heart complication. Though compared to the other given symptoms, these certain indicators are also usually seen or felt during heartburn and other food-related hitches which makes it less-accurate for signifying an inbound heart attack. Whether or not it specifies an arriving heart attack, it is still essential to go to the doctor for an immediate examination in order to know the causes of such bodily ruckus.

Knowing the symptoms and signs of heart attacks can surely be of great use. However, even with such knowledge, it does not change the fact that such heart condition or illness will take away someone’s life i not prevented. In order to fully avoid being hit by different magnitudes of heart attacks, taking good care of the body and living a healthy life style are the best ways to do so.

2014-01-07 Health Alert

Different House Cleaning Services That You Can Use As A Business Venture

Different House Cleaning Services That You Can Use As A Business Venture

In this present time, it is not quite surprising to know if many home owners call upon the help of home cleaning services just to fix up their houses while they are out busy doing their works in their offices or doing some out of town stuff which are normally related to their respective careers. With this being said, it is easy to think that the home cleaning industry has fully become a major market for business propositions. As of today, many have already taken the gamble of creating their own home cleaning businesses in order to experience a wealthier lifestyle. If you are one of those business minded persons who are fascinated in entering such business scheme, then here are a few categories for home cleaning services that you can choose for the future set up of your own home cleaning business.

Housekeeping services is one of those home cleaning categories that can greatly bring a big boost of success for an entrepreneur like you. Compared to other types, this particular service tackles the general interior cleaning of houses. In a more detailed manner, this specific style of home cleaning touches the sweeping or vacuuming of general house floors, dusting the furniture and home décor items as well as securing the neatness of the kitchen and bathroom. Judging from the given job descriptions, home owners normally pay a lot higher than usual for the rendered serves which makes this particular cleaning provisions a suitable choice for many.

If in case you do not have the sufficient budget to keep up a for all the expenses of a housekeeping service business, then engaging into Windows and Furniture cleaning services is another home cleaning business option that you can venture. Unlike the above-mentioned example, this particular category is somewhat specific and has a limited workspace. Making the windows clean and glow as well as maintaining the physical value of furniture items are the primary objectives of such service. This means that you only need a relatively small capital to cover the expenses. Since the work is a bit light compared to the first given example, the rate of money return may not be as fast or as big. Yet, you can still be sure that your investment will continue to grow because this specific home cleaning service normally garners a sufficient amount of clients and customers.

Carpet and laundry cleaning services are also decent choices for making a business which revolves in the home cleaning industry. As what is mentioned about this venture, the offerings of this particular cleaning service occupies the washing and dusting of carpets and making sure that the laundries are washed, dried and pressed clean. This service may not be as big or as busy when being compared to other cleaning packages but it surely does give a ton of opportunities to gain profit.

Aside from the given examples above, there are still other home cleaning schemes and gimmicks out there that you can jump and venture into. All you need is to be open-minded and creative so that you can have a home cleaning business that would fit for your planned or budgeted investment.

2014-01-07 Different House Cleaning Services That You Can Use As Business Ventures

Breeds Of Dogs That You Might Want To Have

Breeds Of Dogs That You Might Want To Have

There is no doubt that dogs are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. But even with their amazing cleverness and impressive feature, not all dog breeds are easy to train with new things and tricks. If you are one of those pet seekers who love to have a trainable and reliable dog at their side, then here are a few canine breeds that constantly make it at the top of the list.

Labrador Retrievers are among the most common breeds of dogs that you can heavily rely in various situations. This breed is what most dog experts and enthusiasts suggest when you are looking for a pet with superb behavioral and intellectual facet. This particular type of dog is well-known for being gentle and playful which is favorable for you and for your family. They are also the type of pets who can be loyal to their owners once they are showered with love and care. In terms of the physical attributes of this specific breed, a full grown male labrador retriever can grow up to 24 inches tall while the female is slightly shorter than the male. Taking such feature, this particular dog may not only be for fun and relaxation but they are also reliable for security purposes as well.

German Shepherds are another type of canine breeds that you can really count on when it comes to reliability and protection. Popular for its natural instinct which is to protect, this fearless hound is what the military is using for their search and rescue operations and missions. But aside from their strong animal personality, this particular class of dog is also loving and loyal to its masters.

If you are not into big and masculine-looking canines like the Labrador and German shepherd, then the cute and cuddly poodles might be the dog breed suitable for you. This particular dog is relatively small in terms of size and it is normally hairy and stylish. Typically, there are three size distinctions that are associated to this kind of dog. These distinctions are standard, miniature and toy. The standard poodle stands at 15 inches tall and its weight could go up to 70 pounds. This particular type of poodle is the highest and biggest among the three. The miniature poodle’s standard size plays between 10 to 14 inches while the toy poodle is less than 10 inches which is quite small for any standard dog. In any case, the appearance factor of this particular breed is one of the reasons why many would want and suggest poodles as a main house pet. Apart from its physical attractiveness, poodles are also intelligent and active dogs. This means that teaching this particular pup different things and tricks is very possible.

The given examples above are only three of the most recommended dog breeds by animal experts and dog enthusiasts. If you want to look for other dog breeds, you can find useful information on the internet or you can call the nearest veterinary office in your area to inquire other helpful and steadfast information.

2014-01-07 Breeds Of Dogs That You Might Want To Have